Reality TV!  The channelreality-tv-logo guides are full of them.  A marathon…one episode after the other for hours on the Fios, Cable, Directv, and Dish providers that you pay for dearly on a monthly basis.  How “real” are the lives of  these “supposedly” real people America places on the superstar podium?

Let me start with The Real Housewives!  Real housewives?  Come on America!!!  How many real housewives do you know doesn’t have to cook for the family, do the family laundry, dust and vacuum, worry about finances and have to work a full time job?  I don’t know too many…actually I don’t know any.  And I don’t consider the Reality housewives to be housewives at all, not when the main concern of their lives center around their precious social life or who snubbed them on a social media website.  And when does a real housewife have a hair stylist and makeup artist, or a fashion consultant come to their home to make sure they look perfect before jumping into a limo to get to their jobs, grocery shopping, a PTA meeting, or a company affair?  If these Reality women are real housewives, let’s see some real drama episodes where they’re pushing a vacuum, cleaning a toilet bowl, shoving a grocery cart, or have to do their own hair and makeup.  Now that would be real Reality TV.

Moving on to the Queens of Dramatic invention, the Kardashian/Jenners, of course, what won’t they do for attention?  But why do viewers continue to play into the Hollywood style, over-the-top antics of this family?  It’s quite evident the never ending drama is planned and/or scripted in order to boost ratings which means more income from the show.  Not one of them acquires any actual talent as far as I can see.  What’s it take to air all your dirty laundry in front of a camera or scheduled paparazzi to capitalize on?  Or pose naked for a magazine?  Still porn in my book, and this is ok as role models in our country?  Hell, more talent is turned away on The Voice and America’s Got Talent than all the Kardashian/Jenners put together.  Honey Boo Boo was the closest to reality that I’ve seen.  Maybe if Mama June would have shown here fat ass like Kim, instead of dating a child molester, or if Sugar Bear had been caught wearing Mama’s undies and decided to change genders, Honey Boo Boo wouldn’t have been cancelled.

Are these so called reality shows entertainment?  In my opinion it shows me how drastic some people will go to make money, and how Americans can be easily drawn into following all these scripted so called reality shows, let alone the hypocracy of moral standards.  It’s not that I’m a prude, but it gets monotonous when every move is flashed on the news, entertainment segments, and media website, knowing it’s just to keep there profiles visible and there ratings up in order to make a living.  When America gets tired of the antics, or someone slips up and finally crosses society’s moral codes, they’ll be gone, show cancelled, and the next news segment will be covering their boohooing story that they’re broke and filing bankruptcy.

Pull their plugs now and let’s get some “real” shows on TV!


Seniam Nevets


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One thought on “REALITY TV…REALLY???

  1. So true! I can’t believe reality TV actually gets views. We all know it’s crap…right? Or maybe not. It sometimes seems people care more about viewing insane TV personalities than say, going out with actual people, or spending time outside, etc. Mind numbing for sure. Great read.


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