Today, I ran into a woman.  I mean, I walked right into her as I was entering a Sheetz store. It’s not like I didn’t know she was ahead of me.  I held the door for her.  She even said “Thank you”, and I answered,  “Quit welcome.”   But two steps inside the door she stopped.  No warning. No moving to the side. Just stopped…to TEXT!  She never got off of the door mat.  Bam!  I ran smack into her back side almost knocking her over. I started to apologize, but stopped when I saw her angry looks.  Instead I  said, “Don’t blame me.  You’re the one that stopped to text.  Put the damned phone away or move out of the doorway next time!”

Seriously, I see people standing and texting all the time.  They just stop…in the middle of store isles, the middle of sidewalks, in store and restaurant entrances, in the parking lots.  Nothing else matters except answering the damned text right then and there, oblivious to where they are or anyone else around them, and feel that we are supposed to wait until they are ready to move on.   Guess that’s why it’s no longer called a mobile phone, you need to stop to use it.

God forbid if your behind someone in the checkout line and they get a text message.  The unloading of the cart onto the belt stops.  Doesn’t matter that there are eight or more people waiting to checkout, because the supermarket only has two cashiers working, they have to stop to answer the text.  Once a woman in front of me had to answer a text, before swiping her credit card, while checking out.  Another thing that irritates me is when only one hand is available to place items out of a grocery cart onto the checkout because the other hand has to “HOLD A FREAKIN CELL PHONE!   Eventually, I’m sure we will evolve and have one hand for work manipulation and the other for holding a cell phone, complete with USB outlet for charging.

Put the phone away, people!  If your cell phone is that busy and important, then you don’t have time to be shopping!  Have some courtesy to others around you.  Move to the side if answering a text is that important, put the phone in your pocket and get through the checkout, and don’t stop short in a store entrance.  You just may get rammed.

The fact is, is that no one pays any attention to their surroundings or anyone around them because they are so wrapped up in their PERSONAL cell phone that irritates me.  They pull into a convience store or bank while on the phone.  Jump out, click the button to lock the car door, and go right on into the store, unaware that a robbery could be taking place, or oblivious to three suspicious thugs loitering in the parking lot.  These days no one can be too cautious or careful.  Finish the phone conversation in your car while checking your surroundings.  Look inside the building and look around the parking lot.  Use the car mirrors to look behind so it’s not that obvious, then get out of your car.  The same before you leave a building.  Look through the glass doors first, then go to your car.  Most times people go through the doors and the first thing they do is check their cell phones rather than check to see who or what’s going on outside first.

And what’s with couples texting while dining?  Both sit across from each other on their cell phones texting rather than enjoying each other’s company.  That’s not a date, people.  I for one wouldn’t be sitting across from anyone too long if they was constantly on their phone.  If texting was more important than talking while out with me, then they’d find themselves sitting alone.  I’d move to another table or leave altogether.  And you can bet their contact number would be blocked or deleted before moving to another table or leaving the parking lot.

People don’t socialize enough as it is and the lack of social skills shows.  A text message or e-card doesn’t replace nor does it convey the same sentiment as sending a card or note.  If your too damned cheap to buy a card and stamp, then, evidently the person it’s for doesn’t mean that much to you anyway, your money does.  Take a little time and write an actual letter to parents or a friend.  Let them know you really do care.  I know, I know, why let all this new age technology go to waste?  But think about what all this technology has really done to our society.  We don’t talk to anyone.  It’s texts, emails, or social media, and usually the context isn’t what would be said if face to face with them.  We don’t talk to anyone when making a call anymore.  We get prompts to resolve any reason for our call, and usually waste more time to get to a live person, if it’s possible, than it takes to get the problem resolved.  You give your account number, phone number, or other identifying information, sit and listen to a looped message repeat how important you are to them, and then have to give all the same information to the customer service representative again before they can assist you, and hopefully you can understand their poor English.  But, hey, you can LIVE CHAT!  You don’t need to speak at all.  You can text to get problems resolved and then it doesn’t matter what country your customer service representative is from, or that, that person is sitting in some sweat shop texting to you for 25 cents an hour and saving money and making more profits for the company you are having the problem with.  Not to mention the jobs the companies take away from Americans to gain more profits, but that’s a future topic.

Yes…I have a cell phone.  But, I have enough respect and courtesy for my fellow-man to not use it at their expense.  A call or text can wait if I’m driving, a text can wait until I’m out of other people’s way, my phone isn’t the first thing I check before leaving a building, and the phone is put away when I’m out with friends or having dinner with someone.  Those text messages will be there later.  If it’s that important, call me.  If I don’t answer, use my voice mail, it’s included with the cell phone service I pay for.

Whats your opinion or comment?

Seniam Nevets

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  1. Such a relevant post. I don’t know how many people ram into me because they’re looking at their phones. 😦 A lot of us neglect our surroundings due to cell phones as well. *Sigh*


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