I don’t consider myself to be a racist nor a selfish person.  I believe in helping ones neighbor as much as possible, without having ones own family having to do without, but the situation with our country taking in Syrian refugees goes totally against those beliefs.

We have families in our own country that are doing without, American children going hungry or without decent living conditions, due to inflation, over taxation, mandatory un-affordable health insurance, no employment or only minimum wage jobs available.  We have murders, shootings, robberies, and drugs in every State and City in this country, yet funds are not enough to increase police and security in our neighborhoods and streets, and now, the American people are going to be forced to pay for shelter, food, and healthcare to Syrian refugees because of their  civil war-torn country.  I say, let those on the Federal Payroll cover the expenses, not the American people.  We need to take care of America and it’s people first!  We have our own internal situations that need to be squared away before taking in more financial and social problems, and with the war on terrorism, how is taking in 200,000 Syrians, mostly Muslims, going to affect the American people and our National Security?

I understand the severity of what the Syrian people are going through.  “The severity of the humanitarian disaster in Syria has been outlined by the UN and many international organizations.  More than 7.6 million Syrians have been displaced, more than 5 million have fled the country to nearby countries such
as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Kuwait, and a few hundred thousand have fled to more distant countries like Germany and Greece and have become refugees. Millions more have been left in poor living conditions with shortages of food and drinking water.” (Wikipedia).  We have Americans living in poor living conditions and shortages of food and drinking water, struggling to survive day to day, when is our government going to come to their aid and relief?

I think German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement to a labor-union convention in Germany hit the nail on the head and should be taken into consideration by those in Washington, D.C., “I’m firmly convinced that we won’t be successful if we pretend we can do it all.”  “We’re a big country, we’re a strong country and we want to be a diverse country.  But to pretend we can solve all of the world’s social problems on our own, wouldn’t be realistic. We have to keep an eye on reality.”

The reality is, take care of your own countries security, finances, employment, healthcare, and the tax paying working people first, then open the doors for immigration, limiting the number and intense security background checks of all immigrants, due to recent terrorist groups and threats against our country.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, said the U.S. government may take even more displaced people, though it was restrained in offering refuge to Syrians because of laws passed after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, that significantly increased security screening for those seeking a safe haven in the U.S.  “This step that I’m announcing today, I believe, is in keeping with the best tradition of America as a land of second chances and a beacon of hope.”

U.S. lawmakers immediately expressed concerns about the potential influx.  The Islamic State group and other terrorist organizations “have made it abundantly clear that they will use the refugee crisis to try to enter the United States.  Now the Obama administration wants to bring in an additional 10,000 Syrians without a concrete and foolproof plan to ensure that terrorists won’t be able to enter the country,” said U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va

Well, Mr. Kerry, our world is changing and so must our traditions.  For our country’s own National Security, close the doors to all immigration, change tradition, until Americans are first given that second chance and are able to see a beacon of hope, rather than another hurdle to jump to reach our American dreams.

What’s your opinion?  Do you think we should take in Syrian refugees or should we take care of American problems first?

Seniam Nevets

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