It’s election time again.  Politicians out and about on their campaign trail fighting to gain the votes of any American voter and any backing they can obtain.  The advertising companies, at work to gain their share of the of the political campaign funds, creating ads showing the political hopeful as the dedicated family and community activist, voicing all of their accomplishments and hard work ethics, how they plan to make a change to better the American citizen, all by trusting in them and give them your votes.  Yet, not one of these candidates, other than Presidential, mention what political party they are affiliated with.

We watch and hear the same scenario from every candidate year after year, Presidential election after Presidential election.  We watch, we listen, we hope, we believe, and we vote.  But, has any changes occurred over the decades for the betterment of the American voters, or we the Citizens?  Sure, they have.  Taxes have increased, government spending has increased, health care has become a mandatory expense of every U.S. Citizen, insurance company premiums have increased, State and Local taxes have increased, food and product costs have increased, and minimum wages have remained the same.  When are these elected Federal, State and Local candidates going to honor their campaign promises, and why aren’t they able to succeed in accomplishing what they claimed they were going to do to gain the trust and get the American votes?

I, for one, don’t put much stock in any politicians campaign rhetoric.  They can say whatever they want, but until they perform and do what they say it doesn’t change my opinion of their ability or true purpose for running for the position.  The question I ask is, why don’t they fulfill their campaign promises?  One answer is that once elected, they have to answer to the political party affiliate they are associated with.  What the political party wants is more important than what the American citizens need.

Here’s a challenge I’d like to propose to each and every candidate campaigning for any political office.  What is the true and honest reason for wanting to be elected?  Is it for personal reasons, ie, power, money, and prestige?  Or is it because they feel they truly and honestly have the American citizen’s interest and concerns at heart?

If the answer is power, money and prestige, we the American people don’t need you.  We have enough of those type in office already.  If your answer is you have the American citizen’s interest and concerns at heart, then, once elected, stand up for your fellow Americans and help make the needed changes.  Forget the political party, their votes didn’t get you into office, ours did.  Our votes put you into office, our tax dollars pay for the position you hold, you work for the people, not a political party.  Once your elected into office, your only concern should be to the needs and concerns of the citizens, working as a team, as one, to achieve those goals.  If the political parties have that much control over a political candidate, then maybe an even bigger change needs to take place within our political election structure.  It’s quite evident the political parties don’t have the American citizen’s interest or concerns at hand.  Their interest is in gaining control in order to manipulate governmental levels for their members personal gain of power, money and prestige.

So, candidates and elected office holders, ask yourself, are you there to work “for the people” or “owned” by a political party?  Have the balls to stand up and represent the American voters that believed and trusted in you enough to get you into office.  Remember, it’s not about what the party affiliate wants, it’s what is best for your fellow Americans.

What’s your opinion?

Seniam Nevets

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