crime 112

It’s in every city, every rural community, any neighborhood, any street.  It’s on our college campuses and in our schools.  No one is immune to its touches.  Not our senior citizens, middle-aged adults, young adults, teenagers, toddlers, nor babies.  All are targets of the terrorism in our country.

Every day national and local news media cover the stories surrounding the killing, murdering, child abuse and pornography, teacher/student sex encounters,bomb threats, beatings, kidnapping, burglaries, torturing, drug ring busts, meth labs, distribution and deaths by bad drugs, and gang related shootings and murdering.  It’s consistent nationwide in our country, yet our government spends billions of dollars a day to stop terrorism and aid people in other countries.

What about the terrorism on the streets and neighborhoods of our own country?  Where and when does the American citizen get the aid we need in order to feel safe in our homes, neighborhoods, streets, malls, theaters, colleges and schools?  Why do we have to live in fear of possible terroristic acts against us every day by people in our own country?  The fears of home invasions, drive by shootings, gang related murders.  Fears on a daily basis as our children attend colleges and schools, or as we’re driving on the streets and highways to work, when family’s are having a night out and concerned about the family’s safety going to a mall or theater, fear of enjoying our homes that gunfire may erupt…the list goes on an on creating the daily fear of terrorism.

When are “we” going to be safe on our own country’s soil?  When is our legislature going to incorporate stricter laws against the crimes being conducted in America, when are the citizens going to get protection against those committing these crimes, and take a more aggressive stance on drugs and those making and distributing?  Other countries have a “no tolerance” stance on drugs.

In my opinion, we need Federal Government to take a national stand on crime, give the citizens of America military assistance if that’s what it takes, and mandate National Crime Laws for every state against these perpetrators that have no fear of the state laws.

Every time we step outside our homes we’re faced with the fear of some type of terroristic threat against our persons.  We risk not arriving at our destination or getting home, our children are at risk daily in our schools, streets, or neighborhoods.

Arming the professors and teachers is not the answer.  Tougher laws, death sentences for life taking crimes, more severe punishment, and possibly military infusion to curb the crimes and the terrorism of American citizens of our cities, neighborhoods, streets, colleges and schools.

What’s your opinion?

Seniam Nevets

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