Aftermath of the ISIS Paris Attack

It’s time we have a voice when it comes to our country’s security and the safety of the people of this Country.

After seeing this picture taken of the aftermath of the attack at a Paris concert, it brought realization as to how dangerous this Islamic ISIS terrorist movement is to the world. The picture is raw but it’s the realness of what is happening outside of our country’s boundaries, and I think it’s time our government stops censoring our news media so that we the citizens of this country are informed of atrocities as they happen worldwide.

I’m not going to write this with the intention of making readers believe I am an expert in world religions.  I am writing this as an American Citizen with concerns about our country’s future safety and security.  Religious wars worldwide are recorded since history began, supposedly all in the name of their God.   But, is that the truth or a lie?  I’m more apt to believe ISIS is not about religion but more about becoming a world domination movement, and attempting to destroy all other world powers.  But one question that hits me hard is, why must a country accept Syrian refugees, don’t the leaders of other countries realize ISIS terrorists will take advantage of these refugee migrations to gain entrance, and that the ISIS movement is strategically smart enough to get terrorist members into other countries no matter what security checks are in place?  It’s already happened in Belgium.  These current rash of attacks were conducted by the use of Playstation communications in order to bypass communication links under surveillance by other country’s intelligence agencies, and definitely will happen in America.  Does any American Citizen want to see pictures such as the one above of atrocities such as this that have happened in our own country?

It’s time we as Americans use our voices in the name of freedom to protect our country from terrorists and the fear on our own soil.  The sixteen states refusing to accept Syrian refugees got the right idea.  The safety and concerns of the citizens of their states comes first.  Unite and protest your state capitals to stop Syrian Refugee Immigration to your state and our country.

How can our President, Congress, Senate, and state Governors feel that taking in Syrian refugees will not jeopardize our national security?  There is no way our country’s Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, or other Intelligence Agency be able to uncover any terrorist before entering into this country.  How many ISIS recruits are already here on our soil waiting to receive directives to attack, that our Intelligence Agencies have no idea about?  How many American Citizens are ISIS recruits not needing clearance to enter our country?

President Obama feels that thousands of these Syrian Refugees are victims of this Islamic movement,  that this country has a moral obligation to accept these refugees, and thorough investigations will be made to make sure no terrorist enters into this country.  Yet, no mention as to what religion these Syrian Refugees may be restricted to. Our moral obligation ended when these bastard terrorists threatens the citizens of this country!

Listen America, we can’t find, arrest, or convict those responsible for the drug smuggling, street shootings, the drive-by shootings, the random murders, abductions, or the sex traffic and trade in this country.  We’re now going to be able to filter out immigrants associated with an international terrorist group?  The same group that planned, organized, and completed multiple acts not just in France, but other countries also by using communications on Playstation?  If the intelligence agencies worldwide failed to defuse these attacks, how the hell is our intelligence going to screen every Syrian Refugee and guarantee the citizens of this country not one terrorist will sneak past?  

Due to the risk of accepting Syrian Refugees at this time, the fact that due to changes in worldwide security of countries, our obligations have been changed as well, and our borders closed to all immigrants until further notice.  Not one immigrant should be admitted until every one of the children of this nation is able to go to bed housed,safe, well fed, well educated,  and assured of their chance at the American Dream and that our borders are secure against terrorists and their threats.  That is the moral obligation of those we vote and place into offices of this country.

It’s time to UNITE as one country, protest, fight Congress and the Senate and the Presidential office to keep the Syrian Refugees out.  We need to fight to protect our country and freedom here in our country, and not permit or allow those in office to put our country at risk.  New media will be swamping with videos of those refugees and try to tap into your conscience and pity, don’t fall for it.  Be strong and fight for our freedom and the freedom that the men in our military died and fought for.  We need to keep our country safe despite what Washington or state Governors want to do.  It’s our Country, our Taxes, and should be our Choice.

What’s your opinion?

Seniam Nevets

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