Santa’s Secret Revealed!


We’ve all questioned or marveled, as a child, at the thought of how Santa Claus could possibly deliver all the toys to every household in one single night, especially if your family traveled to visit grandparents, which, that trip in itself, seemed to take forever, then, how could Santa Claus get to all the homes? 

After giving this some thought, well, many years of thought, from childhood actually, I can now reveal Santa’s secret.  With age comes  wisdom, so I’ve been told. 

After the many years of research and deductions it’s my opinion, Santa had to be the ingenious designer and creator of the Time Zones to assist in getting all his delivery’s made by midnight on Christmas Eve and may have been Santa Claus that triggered Albert Einstein to his theory of Relativity and Time Travel.   

By sectioning the world into one hour segments based on the 24 hour  rotation of the earth around the sun, it enabled Santa to be in sync with every country and every home by midnight Christmas Eve. 


Look at the time line at the bottom of the illustration above.  The time line runs from midnight through noon to the next midnight, a 24 hour period. 

But Santa with his ingenuity, realized that if he started his deliveries from the countries on the right of the map, and delivering backwards, it would be midnight in the next time zone when he completed his deliveries in the first time zone.  By continuing his journey East to West, he would have his deliveries made by midnight in every time zone across the world, and still be home to celebrate with Mrs. Claus by midnight Christmas Eve.

But, that raised even more questions in my mind on how Santa could perform this time defying feat in one night.  After all, there are 6.3 billion people inhabiting this world. 

So, after many more years of thinking and researching, and I’m not going to reveal my age here,  I realized there were more factors to assist Santa in his annual holiday endeavor.    Over the years you obtain more knowledge about the world, and applying this knowledge brings to light additional facts that factor in with Santa Claus’ Christmas Eve midnight travels.

Growing up we’ve all been told by our parents that every good boy and girl in the world gets visited by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.  Some of us have even been threatened by our parents that if we’re not good Santa won’t come or we’d only get a lump of coal for Christmas.  Only Santa knows how many times I’ve avoided getting that lump in my stocking.  I’m sure my sister will testify I definitely deserved it.  But that’s her opinion.         Back to every good boy and girl in the world…

First off, let’s be honest…you’ve seen it while shopping, during air travel,  in restaurants, in the schools, even in your own neighborhoods…not every boy and girl has been good, so that can knock off quite a few of Santa’s stops considerably.

Secondly, not every country or human being celebrates Christmas.  There are 2.1 billion Christians in the world or about one-third of the population , so it’s safe to assume that only 1 out of every 3 people in the world participates in the Christmas celebration giving Santa ample time to make his deliveries and snack on all the cookies and milk that has been set out for him.

So now let’s put all the facts and deductions together.  With Santa breaking down his travel by the use of time zones he possibly created, and traveling in reverse to the earths revolution, and the fact that all the children have not behaved throughout the previous year, plus only having to visit one out of every three people in the world, I now understand, and it makes sense to me, how Santa is able to deliver all his toys and goodies on his sleigh on the Eve of Christmas every year.

Voila!!!  Santa’s secret is out. 

Now my next task figuring out is, “how does Santa’s reindeer know how to fly?”    Give me a few more years on that one. 

What’s your thoughts and opinions?

Seniam Nevets

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One thought on “Santa’s Secret Revealed!

  1. Ok… I’ll admit that it is “possible” for Santa’s east to west travel in one night. AND, that not all countries celebrate Christmas. I’m not sure that I think Santa lightens his load because only one out of three persons have been good over the past year. I would LIKE to believe that every child is good in his own way and that Santa allows for a little “naughty” in every one of us. But, the best of us comes out during the holidays. Each person has some good tucked away inside him. Call me an optimist–whatever–and, maybe I (foolishly) choose not to be cynical during the holidays. (Believe me, by the 2nd of January, I’m back to working on that resolution to carry my Holiday Happiness with me the rest of the year!!!) Getting back to the point, I believe that Santa delivers the deportment-appropriate; lesson-learned gift. I believe that Santa has a way to teach a lesson to those naughty boys and girls throughout the year; so that they will not be naughty next year. As far as the “reindeer flying”… I’d like to know how they do that, too!? Wouldn’t it be great if Santa had airline tickets for Christmas flights? Wonder if we could use frequent flyer miles? Regardless, think I’m going to ask Santa for a ticket next year to fly along with him. Then I’ll know for sure how he makes that flight in one night. Boy, am I going to have to really practice being good! Merry Christmas!

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