Reality Check 2016


We survived the Christmas shopping and the over enthusiastic crowd of shoppers.  We survived the endless office and friends Christmas parties.  We survived the packing up of gifts and trips to parents and family for the annual Christmas gatherings, and we’ve survived the New Year’s Eve parties and the hangovers on the first day of the new year, living thru what seems like months of football games, and looking forward to that big day and Super Bowl parties on February 7th.

It’s a new year and time to think about the possible new beginnings, but in actuality, a dark sinister thought is incubating in the back of our minds causing an occasional shutter down our spines…..

Tax clock

That dreaded time of the year again, that totally disintegrates the jubilee of celebrating the recent holidays.  Unless you’re the type with good organizational skills and keeping financial records orderly over the past year, you will be one of the millions feeling the tax season pressures weighing you down.

tax cartoon 2

Those occasional shutters your feeling will become more frequent the closer April 15th becomes.  Some of us may become irritable, take on a down right nasty personality,or suffer periods of deep depression, as the clock ticks on toward the tax deadline.  Hating the thoughts of hours of time spent organizing and collecting receipts and documents to satisfy the IRS as proof of expenditures, the checking and reading to educate ones self of any new or changed tax laws, or what can be used to reduce ones adjusted gross income and maximize the refund.

tax cartoon 1

I equate the yearly tax season to the annual visit to the proctologist.  No matter how close you’ve managed your finances or your health over the past year, you’re going to get screwed up the back side anyway,  hoping the end result, by either, will report a hefty tax return or clean bill of health.  None the less, both the tax season and a proctologist visit is a pain in the ass, and a double shot of scotch makes both a lot more bearable.

US Treasury Flag

Happy calculating and best wishes!


Seniam Nevets,

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2 thoughts on “Reality Check 2016

  1. Wow! Such graphic truth! Usually, around the 1st of January, the spouse is already working up figures in his head as to the amount of refund we “might” get back. By the time February rolls around it is down on paper awaiting all W-2’s and the forms needed to send to the IRS and the State for the refunds. Almost as soon as it is in the mail, I have been given choices as to what the refunds shall be spent on “this year”. Usually, it is “dog-eared” to pay this year’s real estate taxes! So, in reality, it is still money that we have earned-anyway-being spent on bills that we owe–anyway! Although, I will admit that it is gratifying to know that–in a sense–the government has kept a rather small savings account for us–we do NOT get the advantages of interest on our money being used by the government throughout the year. However, if you are late just ONCE with money you owe to the IRS… just watch how fast that interest adds up! As they (Whoever THEY are…) say: “Taxes and Death are a fact of Life.” It wouldn’t be so bad; but, sometimes, you wonder WHICH of the two are the lesser evil!? Most of us accept it as a fact of life, roll over and take it up the tail-pipe like the government expects us to, and go into the next year with the hope that “This year will be THE year I win the Lottery and make the government even MORE money when I win that million dollars!” Good God! And, the vicious cycle goes on… and on… and on…!


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