I’ve no idea how Federal, State or Local Government expects the citizens of this country to continue to survive in this country.  All we ever hear is increase taxes in all levels of government.  Just this week President Obama levied a $10.00 a barrel tax increase on oil.  Another increase in expenses to be collected at the fuel pumps for the oil industry.  The people of this country cannot continue to pay for the mismanagement and increased profits of big corporations, state and local governments. 

Revenue versus Expense

Indiana County and it’s Commissioners aren’t doing any favors to the residents of this county either.  Most recently the county Commissioners hit the people with a property tax increase reflecting of up to 600 to 800 percent for the 2016 tax year, without any increase of household income, making it very difficult for those on fixed incomes and poverty level incomes.  Not to mention how this increase will affect the businesses currently operating that may close or move, or dissuade any business with intentions of moving into the county, or homes currently up for sale or those in the future. This decision by the County Commissioners only reflects their incompetence in the positions they were entrusted with.  In my opinion, someone in the Commissioner’s office has a plan to purchase, pennies on the dollar, the tracts of property that will be up for sheriff’s sale for back taxes for their own personal gain.  Possibly leasing out these properties for fracking in the area.

I’ve composed a chart consisting of Indiana County average incomes and expenses posted on the internet. 

LIVING WAGE       $9.96     $19.92          $20716.00    $ 41517.00
POVERTY WAGE   $5.00      $10.00          $10400.00    $20800.00
MINIMUM WAGE $7.25      $14.50          $15080.00     $30160.00



HOUSING                    $6636.00   $ 8220.00
FOOD                           $3509.00   $10339.00
UTILITIES                   $6600.00   $ 8580.00
MEDICAL                    $2082.00    $ 5850.00
TRANSPORTATION    $3764.00    $ 8220.00
ANNUAL TAXES         $2639.00    $ 5992.00

ANNUAL EXPENSES  $25230.00  $47201.00

MANAGEMENT                                                                  $101,700.00
BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL                                               $ 62,450.00
COMPUTER AND MATHEMATICAL                                   $ 72,830.00
ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING                                $ 70,790.00
LIFE, PHYSICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE                            $ 60,260.00
COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL SERVICE                                 $ 37,600.00
LEGAL                                                                                 $ 75,330.00
EDUCATION, TRAINING AND LIBRARY                            $ 52,480.00
HEALTHCARE SUPPORT                                                    $ 26,480.00
PROTECTIVE SERVICE                                                       $ 36,590.00
FOOD PREPARATION AND SERVING                                 $ 19,120.00
BUILDING AND GROUNDS MAINTENANCE                     $ 24,280.00
PERSONAL CARE AND SERVICE                                        $ 21,990.00
SALES AND RELATED                                                        $ 25,120.00
OFFICE AND ADMINISTRATIVE                                        $ 32,440.00
FARMING, FISHING AND FORESTRY                                $ 26,700.00
INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR                 $ 41,860.00
(*based on 40 work week or 2080 hours annually)


Based on the above chart, with figures provided by the County, there isn’t too many residents in the County of Indiana who’s Average Annual Income is more than their Average Annual Expenses for the year ending 2014.  Now, beginning in 2016, their property taxes are tripling and quadrupling affecting not only home owners, but also rental properties and businesses.  How are households with 2 adults making minimum wage expected to manage especially when all other expenses are continually increasing as well?  The County Commissioners are forcing the closing of restaurants and businesses, homeowners and renters to relocate, and fixed income and retired persons into alternative housing due to inability to cover the ever inflating expenses. 

So what will be the end result?  The biggest question is how did these same Commissioners get re-elected into office when they were the ones initiating the County assessment and tax increases?  Seems to me maybe vote tampering or a pay off is the culprit, but most importantly, Harrisburg needs to step in and help the people of Indiana County by revoking the recent assessment until a reassessment is performed by a responsible and viable company not associated with Indiana County.

What’s your opinion?

Seniam Nevets

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