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I’ve decided there are too many subjects worth blogging about.  Too many topics put out there this week to determine which one may stir my frustrations or emotions the most.  There are the weekly Presidential debates, Harrisburg wasting tax payers money determining the cause of the PA Turnpike mishap, Pittsburgh opting to host the Superbowl in 2023, and another Kanye career blooper.  So…I’ve decided to give my opinion on all of them.


2016 Campaign 

I’ll start with the 2016 Presidential Campaign.  First off, in my opinion, I don’t believe it really matters if the Candidates debate or argue between themselves or not.  What is the purpose and why does the public have to hear all these campaign promises we know they’re not going to be able to make good on once they are in office and fall under the jurisdiction of the political party they ran for office on?  Oh, we hear their “going to make America better”, and all the “we have all the answers to the world crisis”, and the “Republicans and Democrats working together” speeches.  Then we listen to all the dirt digging and mud slinging by candidates that we are supposed to choose between to lead this country.  Let’s be real and face the facts.  No matter which candidate wins the Presidential election, whether Republican or Democrat, they’re not going to be able to keep any campaign promises, both parties will never work together, and the race to the White House is about power, greed, and control rather than about the concerns and needs of the citizens of this country.

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This week, the Senate Committee had a 90 minute hearing concerning the 24 hour shutdown of I-76 during a snow storm on January 22 that left hundreds of people stranded on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Somerset County behind a crash of tractor-trailers that overwhelmed the state’s responding crews and blanketed side roads that might have been used to divert traffic.  The storm — which dumped 35 inches of snow in Somerset — came hours earlier and quicker than officials expected and caused a slew of accidents before two tractor-trailers traveling side-by-side collided with each other on a steep incline near the Allegheny Mountain Tunnel, Turnpike officials told state lawmakers Wednesday.  My first thought is, how did the Turnpike officials not know, or were not informed of where or when this snowstorm was going to be hitting their area?  Who wasn’t tracking and reporting current weather conditions?  Even The Weather Channel app on my cell phone updates their information minute by minute, not to mention this storm was reported by weather forecasts a minimum of 4 days beforehand.  So, who was sleeping on the job and  dropped the ball getting updated and current information out to where it needed to be?  And to these truckers out there…slow down.  I’ve been on the interstates during hard rains, snow covered roadways, and during bad driving conditions and witnessed first hand the speeds these trucks drive.  They slow down for nothing.


Another announcement this week was that Pittsburgh was opting to host the 2023 Super Bowl game.  Heinz_Field01All I can say is that I hope that within the next 8 years the City of Pittsburgh gets their crap together.  Meaning…getting the highways and bridges repaired, water mains replaced, and getting the crime rates reduced.  About every day there are road closings due to repairs or water main breaks, traffic rerouting, and bridges closed in and around Pittsburgh.  With hosting a major event, such as a Super Bowl, there is going to be a huge influx of traffic and Pittsburgh has enough traffic problems now during morning and evening traffic or when the Steelers play home games.  Then we have the increased crime and shooting in Pittsburgh.  Every day there are two or three shooting and killings in the streets, or robberies taking place.  Imagine how disastrous that would be to visitors to the city.  We don’t have enough police in the city as it is now to handle all the crimes. 


And finally, the big media topic breaking news of the week.  Kanye West is in need of media attention again.  Swift and West BattleThis week Kanye performed his new song “Famous” in which he raps the lyrics, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that bitch famous.”  Kanye claims he called her about the song and she thought the lyrics were funny and had no problem with him releasing the track.  Tayor’s rep says, “Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on her Twitter account. Taylor claims she declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message and was never made aware of the lyric, “I made that bitch famous.”  I’m of the opinion Taylor’s story is much more believable then Kanye’s. 

And so the Kanye drama goes on.  Now Kanye claims he is, imagine this, $53 million in personal debt and went on twitter asking for “prayers he will overcome” and that “This is his true heart.”  Well, Kanye, ever think that your attitude may contribute to your problems?  You can’t sell music if you don’t have fans!  And creating problems with an artist that has a huge fan base and loved by millions isn’t a smart move for your career, in my opinion.  I would fell safe in saying that if your $53 million in personal debt, your living above your means and need to restructure your spending or party habits.  Maybe don’t try so hard to “Keep Up With The Kardashians.”  There are thousands of us out there that are budgeting our income vs. expenses just to survive supporting families week to week, with a hell of a lot less in personal debt. 

A few months ago you complained of being bored on twitter.  Seems to me you should have invested that time more wisely and signed up for a money management course.  But not to worry…Just have Kim pose naked for another magazine.  I’m sure she wouldn’t mind showing her ass again to help cover yours.

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What’s your opinion?

Seniam Nevets

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