The Lost Night At The Oscars

16604769295_9fd2ce1be3_nLast night’s Oscars night was three hours of lost purpose.  Rather than shine a spotlight of those deserving an award, the show was over shadowed by racism and poor conduct of those less fortunate actors and actress nominated.  In my opinion, I feel the Academy should have curbed all the hype surrounding the complaints of all white nominations and not address the issue at all rather than turning Oscars night into another multi-racial media publication.  Last years Oscars Night’s ceremony was surrounded with heightened security due to possible national terrorism, yet, there was no public outcry of boycotting, by white, black or other ethnic group. 

As if Chris Rock’s monologue wasn’t enough, the Academy allowed this racial theme to be carried on throughout the entire show and continuing with Rock’s introduction of the Minion’s presentation and the Academy Awards accounting firm, which by the way, I felt was way out of line using three Asian children to promote this racism theme.  Our country is facing enough racism and bigotry in the news and media, I don’t feel the Academy needs to promote the issue, especially for three hours.  If Will and Jada Pinket-Smith and Spike Lee or others felt they needed to boycott the Oscars, so be it.  That is their choice and decision.  But let’s put things in perspective.  The Academy has never shown racism or bigotry and those deserving a nomination or an award received the recognition they rightfully worked to receive, in the past, and if there were no black artists nominated it’s not the fault or bigotry of the Academy or by the Academy voters.  You want to be nominated for, or receive an Oscar, you need to work in your profession.  If your not in a movie, don’t perform to the highest standards, it doesn’t matter what your skin color or ethnic background.  What movie were the Smith’s,  or what movie did Spike Lee direct that they feel they performed an Oscar  winning nomination or Award in? 

This is 2016 people, we’re past the 50’s and 60’s.  It’s time we, as Americans, learn that we are one Nation and not one race or ethnic background is better than another.  We are all citizens of this country, and all equal in rights.  So why is there so much discrimination and hate?  (read The Seniam Report Post of July, 20, 2015; “We Are American!”)  The past is the past, and no way proud of our country’s past nor can it be changed or altered.  If things in our country’s past intimidates or offends you, I’m sorry, however, there isn’t any need for continuing bringing up the past, move forward.  Taking down statues or historic artifacts doesn’t change the history of our Nation.  What does offend me are those that constantly use history to continue this racial and bigotry fight, rather than utilizing their fame or powers to distinguish it and move forward in working together, as one, to make our Country better and greater than where we are now.  If your not able to do that, then relocate yourself to another country where you feel more comfortable and free from discrimination.

That being said, there were some Oscars awarded that, in my opinion, didn’t warrant the nomination let alone winning, but then, I’m not a movie critic nor do I proclaim to know the guidelines of what makes a movie better than the other.  I’m referring to Bad Max and all the nominations and awards it received.  I felt there were movies in some of the categories in which Bad Max won that were more deserving of the award.  But, I’m sure if I were to survey opinions, others have the same or different opinions. 

Over all the Oscars Night was dreadful, and in my opinion, is the fault of the Academy allowing the racism and bigotry to overshadow those deserving the recognition of their talent and hard work by their peers.  To acknowledge the boycotting in the first 10 minutes is one thing, to continue that theme throughout the entire evening is another.

What’s your opinion.  I’d love to hear.

Seniam Nevets

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One thought on “The Lost Night At The Oscars

  1. Hollywood, for decades, has been a “fickle” playground, at best. Movie heads, producers, directors, celebrities; and, their husbands, wives, and lovers have, all, been fodder for the media. Over the years, it has become worse. I direct your attention to the paparazzi surrounding the death of Princess Diana and fiancé as an example of the ruthlessness. As a part of that media, I am ashamed for its lack of integrity. On the flip side, the media is used as a “tool” as well. TV just happened to be the “tool” used on Sunday night. “A Night at the Oscars” could well have rivaled the Marx Brothers’ “A Night at the Opera”. It was comedic, at best. Were it not so pitiful, one could laugh at the comedy surrounding the issue presented: racism. Throughout the night, it appeared to have lost the steam that Mr. Rock was so desperately seeking. It became a joke. Racism is no laughing matter. Didn’t we suffer enough during the Civil War? The Civil Rights Movement? Selma? The loss of good men like JFK? Robert Kennedy? Martin Luther King? Why set us all back in history because some people felt snubbed. How many white actors have been snubbed during the awards nominations for other actors–white and black? I agree that hard work and determination; being true to your craft should EARN you the nomination. I applaud the actor of the night for his integrity and “Lack” of recognition of the issue. Mr. DiCaprio’s plea for concern of a better world for our children and grand-children is a far better issue to face. We have dealt with the racism issue; I thought we were passed it all when we came together during the election of Barack Obama. There are so many other issues that we should be concerned about. Saving this world is one. And, there are all colors and all nationalities working together to do that. Can’t we just focus on doing good? Helping each other out? And, living our lives as ONE nation? As a parent, you want better for your children. You want your grandchildren to have more than you did. But, that means they need a world to live in. And, one that they will appreciate their parents and grandparents for saving. A gold statue is proof that you have done something you can be proud of during your lifetime. But, after you are gone, aren’t they handed down to the family? Donated back to the academy to be melted down into other statues? Put on a shelf under glass; lock and key to gather dust in a museum? What of the tireless human beings such as Mother Teresa whose unending works are lauded even after her death. I don’t recall her ever being given a golden statue for her work. Yet, she continued with a beautiful heart; a beautiful soul throughout her life. And, as I recall, she didn’t ASK to be rewarded. Yet humans around the world remember her goodness; kindness; and her guidance. I do applaud Mr. DiCaprio’s humble thank you speech and the pointed direction of that acceptance was to urge others to do good in coming together for a worthy cause… our children… our grandchildren… and the world with which we leave to them. Congratulations, Leonardo DiCaprio for your well deserved award. And, Godspeed with the quest in which you continue for humankind.


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