The Seniam Mid-Year State of the Union Opinion


It’s August 1st, nine months into the year 2016, 240 years after our country fought and won our independence from England.  Just think of all the advancements and achievements the hard-working people of this country have made those two and a half centuries.  Candles and kerosene to electric and LED lighting, horses and carriages to motorbikes and luxury automobiles, pen and paper to the computer, wooden buildings built by hand tools to brick, stone, and steel buildings, stage coaches to railroads to jetliners and into outer space, wood and coal stoves to central gas and electric heat and air conditioning, ice boxes to refrigerators, small wooden wind-driven ships to jumbo cargo ships and luxury ocean liners, and the list of inventions bringing us into our modern world goes on and on and on, due to the dreams and inventions of our hard working and proud citizens striving for the betterment of this country.  The same U.S. citizens that believed in the American dream, fought and died to preserve that dream, had a sense of morals, God-fearing trust, and neighborly empathy and compassion for one another.  

So, what else had changed over the past 240 years?  Some of these changes haven’t been for the good.  Our politicians and political leaders for one.  As the cliché goes, “History repeats itself!”  As like the Roman government, the senate was corrupt with rich and powerful senators owning the trade, finance, and major businesses which enabled them to  manipulate  legislature to secure and maintain  personal interests, finances and  aristocratic level of living, going as far as assassinating their own emperor, Caesar, to secure their political power and fortunes.  As a new country, having the ability to take into consideration the pitfalls and downfalls of every past civilization, aren’t we, the citizens of this country, the people who is to have a voice in our government as set forth by the first designers and leaders of this country, being faced with this same scenario in Washington today?  Are we not entrusting the legislators of our country and states to make legislative decisions based on what is best for the citizens of this nation, not based on what would serve their personal or business affiliations?  

That being said, brings me to the current State of Our Union.  This year, 2016, is a presidential election year and as of the end of July the candidacy has finally been narrowed to two candidates, one of which making history in this country.  For the first time a woman has been nominated, and accepted, as a candidate for the office of President of the United States, a very big change for this country.  A woman who has been in politics all of her adult life with vast experience in national and international affairs.  The other candidate is a rich business typhoon, no national or international experience other than in business associations, and dealing with financiers, lobbyists, campaign contributions to legislators for personal financial gain.  

Both candidates are on the campaign trail and as all politicians know what to say, how to say, and will say whatever it takes to win the votes of the people.  We hear all about their past achievements, their personal moral standings and community concerns, and all their campaign promises for the betterment of the United States citizens.  But, along with the history making changes in candidate gender this year, we have another historic change of candidacy voters appeal methods, by making political statements that he alone can make America great again, and it’s quite evident voters are falling for it since he won the nomination of his political party.  So there it is in a nut shell.  One candidate with no political or government background, arrogant, wealthy, and claims that he alone can make this country great vs. the first woman candidate, held a vast array of powerful political positions, realizes the challenges ahead, and acknowledges it’s a slow process to make America great again.  Again, all politicians know what to say, how to say, and will promise whatever to gain the  political power they want for themselves and their party affiliation.  The Presidential election isn’t so much about a candidates desire to assist their country and fellow man’s wellbeing as it is for the purpose of gaining power and control of this country for their political party affiliation.  If they win, the candidates political party that nominated them as their candidate wins the power and control in Washington.  That’s the goal of the end result.  Forget the promises, the speeches they’ll work for the people, the changes they will make for the betterment of the country and citizens, their strives to achieve and maintain the safety and freedoms others gave their lives for.  Once in office, they are owned by their party affiliation and work for them.  

History repeats itself over and over again as it has  in the 240 years since we gained independence. Until a President is elected that is willing to stand up to their political party affiliation and actually work for the people of this Nation, work to bring about the necessary results for the people’s security and freedoms, manufacture in our country and able to supply for our own needs with little dependency on other countries, provide the people with proper education and health care, strengthen our independence and the dollar, nothing will have changed by way of elections or the power of political party’s in manipulating and controlling the future of this country.

In my opinion, yes, we need a change.  We need to change the perspective of those we elect as leaders to actually speak for the people, represent the people, work for the people, work for their country out of true empathy and compassion for their fellow citizens and their loyalty and patriotism, to make the necessary changes within our two-party political system and strive to lead their country forward to a better future for all. 

What’s your opinion?

Seniam Nevets

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One thought on “The Seniam Mid-Year State of the Union Opinion

  1. This election year–more than any previous election year–I am disappointed. That is the ONLY word to use for my emotions about this election Yes, I definitely agree that we need change in this country. There needs to be a chance in this country’s politics. And, the citizens of this country need HOPE for a new future. The apathy; the indifference of the citizens–not to mention, the indifference of the leaders of this country. I, too, believe that change is needed. I, too, believe that history has repeated itself enough. It is time for a REAL change. “Is this country for a woman president? Is the United States ready for Donald Trump in the office of president?” Every time those questions arise, I hear comments like “Who cares! It is going to be a long 4 years!” or “What’s the difference, nothing will change.” OR “They’ll only get accomplished what Congress allows them to do!” THAT kind of indifference is not only caused by our politicians and the election-year-mud-slinging. I am directly guilty of those comments. But, I have come to the decision, I don’t give a damn if Hilary or Donald are a “bad person” or “crooked” by the other’s account. All I DO care about is who is the best PERSON for the job of president of the United States and who will make this country great again and one for the citizens of the United States to be proud of. And, I hope to God, the next 4 year’s bring about those changes and the reasons for the Citizens of the United States to be proud of the President that they elected. At the risk of sounding ancient in my thinking… “God, save the President and the United States.”


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