The Next President of the United States is….

With the discovery made by BridgeAnne d’Avignon, a 12 year old and 7th grader fromJohn_of_England California, uncovering the fact that all of the U.S. Commanders-in chief, except for Martin Van Buren, our eighth President, are all linked to King John Lackland Plantagenet, known for signing the Magna Carta in 1215, it shouldn’t be too difficult to determine who is next in line to inherit the Washington, D.C. throne.  “They all have the trait of wanting power,” the 12-year-old told the local television station.

president4-webBefore d’Avignon, the 7th Grader at Monte Vista Christian School, historians were only able to link the blood lines of 22 presidents.  After extensive research, d’Avignon was able to connect 42 of our 43 Presidents to King John through both the male and female genealogical family trees.

Presidents-570x428Is it coincidental?  Is it fate?  Was it planned?  If so, by whom?  Could it be a design by ancient aliens?  Maybe the Watchers sent to earth by God?  Or maybe predestined by the Illuminati or the mysterious 9 gods of creation?  I’m of the opinion coincidental and fate can be ruled out of the equation.  I believe more of the fact it was a predetermination by someone or others of a higher order. 


So with that in mind, it shouldn’t be to difficult to determine the next person in line to inherit the presidential seat in the White House.  All that should need to be done is research each of the “challengers of the kingdom’s” family tree and determine which one has ties to the descendants of King John. 

It would definitely make the election process much easier and save  millions of Americans the torture of our weekly television programs being interrupted with hours of debates, the media’s hours of pointing out each candidates strengths and weaknesses, and the never ending hours of political party conventions, along with saving each of the candidates the millions of dollars of campaigning funds.  Let each of the candidates tossing their hat into the ring undergo DNA sampling.  Those whose DNA isn’t a match to King John are publicly announced and immediately disqualified.  Of those that are a match, a Senate Commission is then given the task of determining which one is more closely related to King John to inherit the throne, and voila, we have the rightful candidate to take over the kingdom and the Washington palace for the next 4 year term.

T&C Heirs

I wonder which of our candidates this election year has genetic ties with the medieval King James?  Trump definitely seems to show  “need for power” and the “arrogance of a king” traits.  His claim that “he can make America Great” is proof of that.  He alone will be able to make the changes necessary to make this country great, something that the past Presidents haven’t been able to do even with all the Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet Members, and Supreme Judges at their disposal. However, Trump surrounds himself with “yes” people because he doesn’t like to be directed by anyone.

Clinton also shows her “need for power” but without showing the “arrogance of a king”, more of a subtle ruler than dictatorship, although she won’t back down for what she wants to achieve.  I don’t see Clinton surrounding herself with “yes” people.  I believe she wants surrounded by those that will tell her what she need to hear, not what she wants to hear, to help make well determined decisions. 

I’m not stating which of the candidates I feel would be the best for the presidency.  Truthfully, I feel this entire election is a fiasco, a circus, and not sure either one of them are suitable to rule our “kingdom”.  If this is our only choices I’m afraid our country is in deep s**t.  If Trump thinks he’s going to be elected and have full control as Commander-in-Chief, demand changes, and not to be told what to do, how to do it, and have to make compromises, he’s in for a reality check.  First of all, once he’s in office, his butt will be owned by the Republican Party, corporate campaign contributors, and he’ll need to be singing to their song, not to mention a Democratic defensive.  Clinton has had a long political career and knows how political party politics and opposing party’s work.  She already knows her butt will be owned by the Democratic Party along with the major campaign contributors. But, I’m sure she also has a better understanding in dealing with those issues.  I sense a deep feeling of apprehension by Americans with this years election and only pray that each and every voter, no matter how staunch a Republican or Democrat you may be, look at each candidate individually and vote with your conscience and heart, not your political party affiliation.

In her genealogical search, BridgeAnne d’Avignon, the budding genealogist also discovered that she can count President Obama as a relative.  President Obama is an 18th cousin, so who knows BridgeAnne may one day be seeking her inheritance to the throne in Washington, D.C. herself.  

What’s your opinion?

Seniam Nevets

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