Crisis: Saving Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies need your help NOW!

Catipillar Evolution


Every living organism was created for a purpose on our planet.  Each are a link in the chain of life on earth.  Losing one of these living organisms, no matter how large or small it may be, creates a missing link causing an unbalance on our ecosystem.

According to early reports of over wintering Monarchs in Mexico, this year marks the first increase in the number of over wintering Monarchs in the Mexican mountains in the last few years…and we have only known about their over wintering sites for a little more than 20 years!. Last year there are 97% fewer than at their recorded height and 50% less than there were last year. This was a back to back 50% decline in their overwintering numbers. Researchers are right to be worried we may lose a larger part of their migration this year if immediate action is not taken.

In 1991, over 75% of the wintering Monarchs from North America froze to death in Mexico as a result of three days of rain and sub-freezing conditions. This is when the Live Monarch Foundation was formed to ensure Monarchs would fill our skies for future generations. One person decided to take action, plant a seed and inspire others to learn how to do the same. Over the years we have grown to include thousands of individuals just like you that take action to help the Monarchs, creating refuges for them across North America and around the world. Monarch numbers initially showed some recovery. Research by many has taught us that a nationwide shortage of milkweed coupled with freak weather patterns destroy habitat and are causing problems for the Monarchs every year and we are literally losing ground. Has the weather become more or less stable in the last few years?

Natural events are not the only challenges that face the Monarch and are not the main cause of their decline. Widespread pesticide application and genetically modified crops cover important parts of the Monarch’s migratory path and serve as killing fields for any Monarchs that pass through these millions of acres of toxins and biological agents that kill them and their young. They are unintended casualties in a war to protect crops. Are our Monarchs worth our efforts to protect? Do we even know the total effects on our environment from the use of these agents? Monarchs and Milkweed are obvious signs that we need to take action to protect our environment. They show us the fragility and interconnection of our world and that the actions of some can have impacts on all of us.

We are all part of the problem through the global effort to harness and control Nature in the search for profit. We must research the origins of all our wants and needs to ensure that the products and organizations we support are a true benefit and not a source of misery to the resources used to create them. Our choice to know the source of our purchases gives us the real power to decide what types of people we support and together control over the manner of production used. Please promote the sharing of information so that we can make informed choices and change the world with every one. 

The Monarch habitat must be protected now to ensure their survival, before we see the day when this miracle of nature is only a memory. The Monarchs need your help NOW. Please plant seeds and help to ensure their survival.**

Please watch the short 4 1/2 minute video of the “Miracle of the Monarch”, then read on to learn how you can help protect these beautiful butterflies.

Do to their decline, the Monarch butterflies need our help in protecting them from extinction.  How can we help?  Plant Milkweed everywhere! “Live Monarch” is an organization dedicated to protecting the Monarch butterfly and helping to reconnect the missing link of our ecosystem.  

Go to

Live Monarch will send 15+ Butterfly Garden seeds including Milkweed and growing instructions even if you can not afford a contribution just mail us a self addressed stamped envelope, one per household. A save the Monarch contribution is greatly appreciated to help offset the cost of the many seeds we give away, personally plant and plants we provide to schools.

 You have the power to instantly change the world !

Plant a seed today and change your backyard.

Educate yourself about the effects of your actions.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Plant an idea by sharing your knowledge.

Educate others and ask them to take responsibility for their actions.

Make the decision to think, act, and be responsible for yourself and all you impact.

Choose not to support ideas or actions that harm our environment or others.

You are the most important part of any solution!

Pass this website,  on to friends and family to help educate others.

You can watch this Miracle of the Monarch in your own home and aid in the efforts to save the Monarch butterfly as well.  You’ll need a quart glass jar, or larger glass container, with several air holes in the lid.  Next, take a nice afternoon walk along a country road while looking for Milkweed plants.  Place a stick, one that fits from bottom to top inside the jar along with several Milkweed plant leaves.  Make sure to collect enough leaves as these caterpillars are voracious eaters.  Check all the plants for a Monarch caterpillar placing it inside the jar with the leaves and stick when you find one.  Now your ready to watch the metamorphosis begin.  Take photos or videos daily and share on your facebook or other social media sites.  This is a great way to educate children as well. 

After a few days or weeks, depending when the caterpillar determines it’s ready, it will ascend the stick and attach itself to either the stick or the lid and transform into it’s pupa stage, showing off it’s beautiful green color decorated with shiny gold dots.  Then over the next few weeks the pupa will darken as the butterfly gets closer to hatching.  Soon, the pupa will open and a Monarch butterfly will emerge, slowly pumping fluid through the veins of it’s expanding wings.  Now it’s time to open the jar and release your newly hatched butterfly into the world and continue on it’s life’s mission.  The entire metamorphosis is truly miraculous.  Just one of natures natural miracles.

Help the Monarch butterfly to continue to share our planet.  Send a self-addressed envelope to obtain seeds to repopulate the Milkweed plants these beautiful butterflies need to retain their species to: 

Live Monarch – Seed Campaign 2016
3003-C8 Yamato Road #1015
Boca Raton, Florida 33434

Or visit: to get more information.

Remember, every species that becomes extinct leaves a missing link vital to a balanced  ecosystem in nature on our planet.  We are responsible for the survival of all species.  No matter how large or small they all play a very important role in our existence as well.

What’s your opinion?  I hope to receive some photos or videos of your efforts.  Send to my email address,, to be posted on a Monarch butterfly update in the future.

Seniam Nevets

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**From Live Monarch website,

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