The New American Democracy?


It’s been three months since my last post, and I blame that on the recent drama and crap of the election and inauguration of the current President.  In my opinion, neither candidate had qualifications to run for the highest office of this country, and I didn’t vote for either of them.  My vote went to Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.  Yes, the Queen of England offered to run for the office of President of the United States (see my previous post “Solution to the U.S. Election Dilemma, dated October 30th, 2016), which I agree with her was a sensible solution to our country’s lack of a Presidential election candidate.  Unfortunately, as we know, she did not win.  

With the outcome of the election came the insecurity of not knowing what to expect out of our Nation’s capital, which I found I shared with millions of other fellow citizens.  And now, only one week into his 4 year term, these fears are achieving validity.  His speeches incite uncertainty and validate a dictator/tyrannical government aptitude.  Even his gestures during his inauguration reflect this same aptitude which not only caused mass concern of the people of our own democracy, but world wide, questioning his mental stability, moral ethics, and business ethics.  His blatant disregard to uphold the Constitution of the United States, as per the Vow of Office he took, was clearly evident by non-separation of himself of his business interests prior to the inauguration, and should never have been permitted to take office and should be prosecuted for such breach and impeached.

In one weeks time, Mr. Trump has created multiple divides within our country, ie; racial, gender, religious, financial and politically, with his dictatorship type of governing.  Look at the cabinet members he wants to put into office.  We have enough rich and powerful in the Senate and Congress, we definitely don’t need rich and powerful “yes” people surrounding this new President.  

So, as I said, I’ve been watching and listening to this new leader of the most powerful country and have come to my own “profiling” conclusions.  First of all, his background and upbringing.  He was raised as a child of privilege and able to pay for whatever he wanted.  Had a father that idolized money and indoctrinated his son to the same.  Secondly, I feel Mr. Trump feels the need, the drive, to compete with his father and achieve what he feels would be a favorable acknowledgement of his father in his achievements.  It’s that competitiveness and a feeling of fatherly approval he’s striving for, to out achieve his father, that he’s the best and greatest in whatever he attempts, egotistical, self centered, and puts himself on a very very high pedestal.  He surrounds himself with “yes” people so as not to hear or face negativity about himself.

But, what about all of us?  What does he know about how we live?  He knows nothing of poverty, living paycheck to paycheck, how to we struggle to pay  bills and hope to break even at the end of each month, keep our family’s housed, fed, clothed.  Mr. Trump has no idea.  He’s never had to get up at 4 or 5 am, get kids dressed and off to school, scrap snow or ice off the car before leaving for work.  Work 10 hour days and come home and hope there’s enough to feed the family dinner, keep up housework, help with homework, get kids bathed and to bed, get 4 or 5 hours sleep (provided one of the kids aren’t sick and your up all night), then start the same routine the next morning, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, and pray our Federal or State governments don’t increase taxes, impose forced insurance plans, and dwindle even more out of our weekly payrolls.  Mr. Trump never experienced these, he lived a life of privilege, his only worry about money was how to generate more, no matter what or who could be paid off to gain it. 

I see nothing about this man that indicates he has the knowledge or experience to be President of the United States.  The flagrant lying, even with video files to prove his lies, he has convinced others of his greatness.  The boasting, egomaniac-ism display, irradical behavior, and nonsensical speeches, only convinces me more that somehow, some way, the voting had to be manipulated or electoral votes were bought, which wouldn’t surprise me at all if the truth were brought to light about this years election.

But, as I said, this is my opinion and we are all entitled to voice our opinions.  Opinions are not right or wrong, you don’t have to agree or disagree, we still have that choice…so far. 

Seniam Nevets

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