The strive to achieve power to govern over others, dominate a people, a king over all kings, ruler of the world, the need to gain wealth beyond compare, own the world, lead masses of military expeditions to annihilate the kingdoms and countries of the world, have been the desire of many men throughout the history of man’s time on earth.

Beginning with the Anunnaki, to Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, amid the many crowned kings of Europe, all had that inner drive to gain power to dominate and possess the riches of the world.

Today, our modern world is still besieged by men placing themselves in powerful positions to gain total power and greed and satisfy that inner drive and vision they consider their level of success. That strive for world domination, ownership of the world and all it’s monies and riches.

Sounds a bit like a fictional character of a book. The Lex Luther villian in Superman. But, it’s not. It’s modern men, in our time, here and now. They are those in governmental seats, the presidents, the senators, the governors, the ministers of countries, desiring to align themselves and climb the ladders of success to achieve their own personal goals. They campaign for these positions. They speak to the public in an effort to convince the voting public of their honest desires to make a better world, have the peoples interest at heart, promise whatever changes to gain the people’s trust, in their desire for power and greed, and usually much to the disappointment of the voting citizens. They speak with issues relevant, charisma and charm their way to sway the people, acknowledging the needs and plight with promises to ease the peoples despair, to gain their trust. For once they achieve the office they desire, the people no longer are important. Their own needs to obtain a higher level of the dominance ladder is their goal.

These driven individuals want to change the world of those they dominate. They want to leave their print, design their legacy to prove themselves to have been powerful and mighty, no matter the cost. They follow guidelines of previous conquerors, who wrote manifesto’s outlining steps on how to manipulate the common man into submission under their rule, as dictators and emperors, or in the religious term, Anti-Christs. These are men who left a prolific negative thumbprint on the history of mankind all over the world.

It begins with choreographed manipulations of the people. They sway the minds with lies and propaganda, manipulate by charismatic speeches, turning citizens against citizens, turning citizens against governments and the news medias. Creating chaos within the country, denouncing government officials, the displaying of military power and eventually controlling the minds and ideals of the populace and replacing such with their own manifesto’s to achieve and conquer first their country, then the world.

The process to achieve the dictatorship relies on creating chaos, strategically placing personal friends in advisory positions, initializing propaganda against unwanted newspapers and media, brainwashing the people to believe whatever lies they lay before them, then manipulating and amassing the people to acquire total dominance and control. This process is outlined in Hitler’s manifesto “Mein Kampf” written in the early 1900’s in which he utilized to achieve his height of power. Lenin and Stalin utilized the same steps leading to their dictatorships and we all know the  atrocities associated with the aforementioned dictators which began by destroying the basics of each of the governments they sought to take down.

Published on Feb 23, 2017:  Audio is from Open Source, hosted by Christopher Lydon. Interviewed is historian Timothy Snyder from Yale University.

I close leaving the readers of this article with one question. “Do you see any similarities between the known dictators of world history and what steps are being taken right now, today, in our own government in Washington, D.C.?”

Right now, we the people, before we lose our rights in the governing of our country, need to stop this dictatorship process currently being administered and choreographed by Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump’s adviser. Stand together and revolt against our government’s takeover by a dictatorship regime that is pumping out propaganda against newspapers and news media, against immigrants, manipulating attempts and causing chaos between citizens, speeches pumping out lies without any proven documents to substantiate authenticity, choices for cabinet heads by people with personal hatred for those departments and without any knowledge to head them. Four years will be too late.

What’s your opinion?

Seniam Nevets Thank you

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