Fall of The American Democracy


March 21, 2017, the first day of Spring, and the American people awake to reports that the FBI and NSA are in fact conducting an investigation into wiretapping accusations against Ex-President Obama and the Russian involvement in our recent Presidential Election.  All, of which are being backed by the White House without disclosing any proof of either accusation.

What we, the American people, woke up to and have been informed of is that Russia did hack and manipulate the 2016 Presidential Election, and that all three departments, the FBI, DOJ, and the NSA, have no proof of any wiretapping prior to or during the 2016 Election, by Ex-President Obama nor by any officials of Great Brittan.

Also, after hearing the Intelligence Committee Hearing on March 21, 2017, we the people have learned that not only did Donald Trump have contact with the Kremlin and Putin, but that numerous members of his appointed advisers had and were also meeting and corresponding with Putin’s closest ministers and advisors, had accepted payment for one purpose or another, and also Donald Trump’s family were also involved with Russian meetings.  All of which have been denounced by Trump and White House Staff numerous times and while under oath.

America, our Government, our Constitution, our Freedoms and the whole of our great Nation has been sabotaged by the very administration voted into office and not by coincidence, but by a developing plan, I believe, was planned over the years prior to the Presidential election.  We, the people, are now under the control of Russia due to the manipulation of Donald Trump and his advisors now in power in the White House whose aim is for the destruction of Democracy for their personal gain of power and greed which extends into Putin’s pocket as well.  Our country has been infiltrated by Russian control by American traitors working as agents for Russia. 

How many more lies, how much more chaos, how much more evidence does the people of this Nation need to realize they voted in a person, and a political party,  that is in arguably  so corrupt they would destroy our Nation? 

We don’t have four years to wait for another election.  We don’t have four years.  The first 100 days of this administration is destructive enough, that if impeachment proceedings followed by treason proceedings are not implement immediately, this country will never see another election.  It will be controlled by a dictatorship, and very possibly the dictator may be Vladimir Putin.  Think about that and how that would affect your lives, your childrens lives, not to mention the very future of our great Nation and the freedoms we now have?  It would mean the destruction of our democratic government, the destruction of the Constitution of the United States, the destruction of our way of life as we know it. 

All these Congressional investigations are fine, but the longer we talk, the more destruction continues, the more more Rights we are going to lose, and ultimately, all those Senators and Congressmen and women, will be GONE, no matter what political party they side with, because there will be no political parties!  Only the dictator.  Take a warning to all of our Senators and Congressmen and women, act now to oust the traitors and destroyers of our Democracy before your positions are destroyed in the process.  Both parties unite to preserve this Democracy and our Country. 

Impeachment proceedings need to begin now.  We the people need to demand these proceedings to begin immediately, our lives and future generations are at stake.  Remove all these Russian agents and Russian sympathizers, find them guilty of treason, exile them to Russia and let Putin deal with them. 

It’s time to unite as a nation.  Every citizen, forget all this discrimination bullshit, we’re all Americans..get involved.  Know what’s taking place.  Speak out, utilize your freedom of speech, express your opinions, press your Senator and Congressman and woman to act for “the peoples” behalf and for their own positions they were elected, by “the people”, to protect and preserve our Constitutional Rights they vowed to uphold.

Thank you

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