“Spring” by Mother Nature


Ahhh, Spring!  Or is it just a “Spring Tease” provided by Mother Nature’s sense of humor?  Either way, one takes in the warmth of the spring sunshine and all that early spring has to offer…the scents, the sounds, and the spiritual sense of renewal.

First, it’s the anticipation of getting a glimpse of the first Robins arriving from their long commute, the official notification that Spring is here,  watching as they begin homesteading in a back yard shrub or tree, and waking up to their morning hymns as they sing praises for the beginning of a new day.  Then there’s the scent of fresh Spring air that, although one isn’t  conscientiously aware of, stirs the sense of renewal and the mind tends to lean toward the refreshing of one’s own abode, hence the term “airing out the shack”.   And nothing signals the arrival of spring like the sound of a trickling creek rushing off the waters from the winter snows or the sound of  “spring peepers” chirping during a late Spring afternoon mating matinée in the ponds and shallow water holes. 

VPP-elbo46040A few weeks into Spring we notice the Spring Crocus’, daffodils, and hyacinths as their early green tips arrive above the surface of the garden beds. 

It is then, as we meander over our estates checking out our Spring flower’s progress, the inevitable truth of Springtime reveals the ravages of Winter along with the realization that the annual Spring cleanup season is upon us.  Again, it is time to unlock that tool shed, tune up the garden tractor, hook up the garden cart or uncover that wheelbarrow.  It’s Spring cleaning time again.  Time to clean up the fallen branches, rake up left over leaves, sweep off the drive way, get the flower bed soil loosened and fertilized, and ready for planting.  

Yes, Spring is upon us.  The feeling of renewal and new beginnings rejuvenate our souls.  Don’t take the spiritual signs of Spring for granted, take them all in, feel refreshed, renewed.  It’s Mother Nature’s miracle of rebirth, a miracle we should embrace and be thankful for, for out of Winters slumber comes Springs rebirth with the promise of another abundant Autumn  harvest.   Mother Nature’s miracle…the cycle of life.  

Share your favorite Spring memories, leave a comment. 

Thank you,

Seniam Nevets

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