Broken Public Schools and Our Educational System

This quote reflects so many  civilizations misuse, or lack of educating lower class citizens, slaves, conquered or colonized people,  in order to maintain power and control over them through the use of politics in government. This same government system of  educational denial for the purpose of maintaining submissiveness by the less fortunate has been utilized … More Broken Public Schools and Our Educational System

3801 Lancaster

I recently had the chance to see a new film titled, 3801 Lancaster:  American Tragedy, at the Convention and Athletic Complex here in Indiana, PA.  I highly recommend this film to be seen by parents, high school students, pregnant teens, and anyone else that may be considering the possibility of abortion for whatever their reasons. … More 3801 Lancaster

What would you do?

Scenerio:  You’re in a restaurant having lunch with a friend.  The hostess seat a mother and two children ages two and five in a booth across from you, the youngest in a high chair.  The mother orders and once the meals are delivered you over hear the mother say to the oldest, “you need to … More What would you do?