This Weeks Seniam Report “Hit List”

I’ve decided there are too many subjects worth blogging about.  Too many topics put out there this week to determine which one may stir my frustrations or emotions the most.  There are the weekly Presidential debates, Harrisburg wasting tax payers money determining the cause of the PA Turnpike mishap, Pittsburgh opting to host the Superbowl … More This Weeks Seniam Report “Hit List”

Kudo’s to John Brown, TV Anchor of Good Morning Orlando

I have to commend the TV Anchor, John Brown, on the Good Day Orlando news station.  Finally, someone had the balls to do what many others wish they could do…He refused to cover another un-news-worthy Kardashian story.  I for one think he deserves a giant A+ on his next annual employee performance review. Every day … More Kudo’s to John Brown, TV Anchor of Good Morning Orlando


Reality TV!  The channel guides are full of them.  A marathon…one episode after the other for hours on the Fios, Cable, Directv, and Dish providers that you pay for dearly on a monthly basis.  How “real” are the lives of  these “supposedly” real people America places on the superstar podium? Let me start with The … More REALITY TV…REALLY???