Automobile Technology – Safety or Sales?

The dangers of driving are bad enough these days without drivers using cell phones to make calls or send texts, and what do the automobile manufactures incorporate in vehicles now?  Wi-fi!  As if bluetooth capability wasn’t enough to distract drivers.  And for those that don’t have bluetooth equipped vehicles, buy a damned bluetooth headset, for … More Automobile Technology – Safety or Sales?

What would you do?

Scenerio:  You’re in a restaurant having lunch with a friend.  The hostess seat a mother and two children ages two and five in a booth across from you, the youngest in a high chair.  The mother orders and once the meals are delivered you over hear the mother say to the oldest, “you need to … More What would you do?

Kudo’s to John Brown, TV Anchor of Good Morning Orlando

I have to commend the TV Anchor, John Brown, on the Good Day Orlando news station.  Finally, someone had the balls to do what many others wish they could do…He refused to cover another un-news-worthy Kardashian story.  I for one think he deserves a giant A+ on his next annual employee performance review. Every day … More Kudo’s to John Brown, TV Anchor of Good Morning Orlando