Hello and Welcome to “The Seniam Report”


My name is Seniam Nevets, the Editor of this blog site which I designed for the purpose of discussing a weekly topic, expressing my opinion, and wanting others to express their opinions, thoughts, or ideas of the topic subjects.  It’s the intent to cover a wide variety of topics that are, or should be, of interest to anyone wanting to participate in the discussions.  Check the “Recent Posts” below for the most recent.

Remember, these topics are for discussion, and each and everyone’s opinion are neither right nor wrong.  It’s their personal feelings about the subject matter, all of which is determined by every individuals backgrounds, upbringing, church affiliations, political influences and morals.

We may not be in agreement with everyone’s opinions expressed, but every individual has a right to their own opinion and the right to voice it.

Be sure to sign up with your e-mail address or click on the “follow” button on the bottom right of each post and please comment with your opinion.

Thank you

Seniam Nevets

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