In Memoriam – Puff Johnson

c81866r3732In 2013 a very talented American R & B singer/songwriter passed away after a long fight with Cervical Cancer.  There was no fanfare, no resurgence of the songs she had written or recorded, and the only announcement of her passing was by a few media sites, on June 25, 2013.  She wasn’t even mentioned in the memorials of the 2014 Grammy Awards in January of that year.  How could a beautiful and talented artist not be remembered?

She was born in Detroit, Michigan, on December 10, 1972, and emerged on the music sceneel-puff-johnson-cover-final in 1996 when she released her first and critically acclaimed album, Miracle, produced by well known Randy Jackson, and was certified silver in the UK.  Her songs “Forever More” and “Over and Over” reached the top 40 in the Netherlands and her single “Over and Over” hit the Top 20 chart  appearing on the soundtrack of the film, “First Wives Club”.

She recorded “What Child Is This” in 1994 on the “Joyful Christmas” Album, “Someday We’ll All Be Free” on “The Promised Land” Album in 1995, and “Feels So Good” on “This Time It’s Personal” Album in 1997. In 1997, this talented artist also toured with Michael Jackson as an opening act in Europe.  She also collaborated and co-wrote songs with several artists.  Other recordings include “God Sent You”, “Some Kind Of Miracle”, “All Over Your Face”, “True Meaning Of Love”, “Love Between You And Me”, along with her rendition of “Please Help Me, I’m Falling”, one of my favorites, is a country song first performed in 1960 by Hank Locklin, written by Don Robertson and Hal Blair, and covered by many artists over the years.


This artists birth name was Ewanya Johnson, but was known in the music industry as Puff Johnson.  After touring with Michael Jackson in 1997, she never released any other albums.  She moved to South Africa in 2008, following a concert in Johannesburg and was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer.   While living there she was responding to treatment, but two years after living in South Africa, the cancer returned with vengeance. When she was no longer responding to treatment, she regretfully had to leave South Africa, the place she called home for three years and relocate back to her family and friends in the states.

 It’s truly sad that a beautiful and talented American artist passed away at such an early age and career.  What’s more saddening, is the lack of recognition by the American Music Association, her peers, and the music industry.  Puff’s CD “Miracle”, can be purchased through, or you can listen to her music by typing in Puff Johnson on  I’m sure you’ll agree with me that her voice, talent, and the lyrics of her songs touch the very center of your soul.  

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Seniam Nevets

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