Is The Truth Out There?


I know it’s been several months since I’ve attempted any posts and I won’t declare “writers block”.  That’s not the situation at all.  What was the situation is needing time to put thoughts and pieces of the different puzzles together and try to may sense out of the several theories about our existence on this planet.

As confusing as this is as an adult, I can only imagine the level of confusion our younger generations must be.  We are all bombarded with so many different theories from so many different sources as to who we are as humans and how we came to be compiling of Religions, Darwin,  Science and recently  documented theories by Ancient Alien Theorists, thus being the scattered pieces of the puzzle for which I needed to take the time to try to put together and sort out the confusion in my mind.  Here’s why I felt the need to analyze each of these theories in the order of which I listed them above. 

Bible_reading_plan_167500640Religion:  Growing up, religion of course was my first exposure to human creation and how all people began, as with most of us.  We attend Church, Sunday school,  possibly Vacation Bible School where we are taught that God created our earth and He created man and woman and placed them in the garden of Eden until they were cast out of Eden due to not obeying Gods wishes,  cursing man to be farmers and gathers and woman with painful child bearing for leading the man astray.  This is the truth.  It is stated so in the Holy Bible.  Easy enough to digest.  Accordingly, the Bible is the Bible, it’s the word of God, and therefore it’s not to be questioned, you believe by faith.  What is faith?  Believing in what cannot be seen or touched, excepting the words written by men given to them by God and collected together in a book.   

All of religion is taken in and believed, until later in your life,  other theories are presented.  You then begin questioning your faith. What is true and what isn’t?  So, I began by rereading the Bible, which, in doing so, only conjured up more questions in my mind.  The very first Book, Genesis, gave me more questions than answers. 

Chapter 1 Verse 26 reads:  And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.  Three words in that first sentence of that verse drew attention immediately.  The words “Let, us, and our.”  Who was God speaking to?  Who was “us” and “our”?  Did not God make man, if so, who were the  others  God was including?  And the words, “after our likeness”.  How did first man look?  As we know man looks today?  What does Go or the others He created man’s likeness to, look like?   Does God or His others have physical aspects we as humans have?  Does the Bible give a description of the physical characteristics of God? 

Continuing in reading Genesis brought additional questions forth.  After Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, Eve bore two sons, Cain and Able.  So far, there is a total of four humans now on earth.  Then Cain, out of anger, killed Able, leaving three persons left, which now creates a question in Genesis Chapter 4,  verses 16 and 17. 

16:  And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.   17:  And Cain knew his wife, and she conceived, and bare Enoch. 

This is puzzling to me.  According to the Bible, only 4 humans existed on earth.  Adam, Eve, Cain and Able.  After Cain killed Able, only three humans remain, so who did Cain take as his wife?  No other humans are in existence other than the two created by God or whomever “us” is, and one son conceived by Eve. So whom did Cain take as a wife, if no other person existed?

Unfortunately, the very book that I had so much faith  believing in only created more questions about where and how human life began.

DarwinDarwin’s Theory:  Once attending school, Darwin’s Theory was presented.  Now, rather than being created by God, I find out we were evolved from apes.  Over millions of years humans rose from walking on all fours to an upright position and became more intelligent.  Except that somewhere in that chain of evolution scientists are missing a link and questioning how human intelligence advanced in such a short time span.  There isn’t enough time to allow for  human brain to evolve, according to scientific studies.  So, who or where is that missing link?  Is Darwin’s Theory  just his hypothesis?  Another theory for my speculation? 

Yes, I believe in the evolution of all living things on earth.  The earth is a living planet, ever evolving and changing,  so I believe  all  living things on earth change with those changes and evolve in order to survive according to their environment.  I believe the human race over the millions of years have had to evolve to survive as our earth evolved and changed.  Is there a missing link?  A human race, now extinct, that could be the connection?  Thinking back to the Religion, were ape-like figures man that was formed “in our image”, that God spoke of?  How did human intelligence advance  in a shorter time span that scientists state should be impossible? 

archaeologyScience:  Here’s where I believe some of the truths of the Bible is confirmed.  By science.   Geologists, archaeologists,  and philologists have discovered facts, some of which, substantiate the words of the Bible and some facts not so much.  There has been an ongoing battle between Religion and Science for centuries  in an effort by Religion to squelch any findings claimed through Science.  During the Age of Enlightenment, occurring between 1685 and 1815, any scientific thoughts, ideas, research or findings had to remain hidden from the Church to escape punishment or death for blasphemy.  Both Nostradamus and Di Vinci used written codes in order to avoid having the findings of their studies being detected, to name two examples.

Why?    Was there an ulterior motive by the Church for keeping the truth hidden?  Was it to enable the Church to maintain  control and power they had obtained for  centuries over monarchies and people?   If that is the case, should I question my  faith even more?  Are all the books of the Bible written by divine intervention from God to the authors as claimed?  How much of the Bible, during the many translations, have been altered to suit the needs of organized religion? 

best-ancient-aliens-episodesAncient Alien Theory:   Now this theory can  cause a person to think deep and doubt everything we have ever been taught about the history of earth from beginning to our world as we know it today.  These theories make one question if our whole existence, based on Religion, Darwin and Science, are totally or partially accurate. 

Ancient Alien Theory uses facts found from every part our world and compares those facts against that which we were taught, or led to believe, throughout the existence of mankind.  They present these facts as the basis of their theory leaving you to determine for yourself how much truth you believe in it. 

These theories are based on finding of written records by ancient civilizations, verbal stories repeated to generations of various  tribes and cultures, and discoveries in ancient cities and relics worldwide.   It’s the Theorists theory surrounding these findings that utilizes the teachings  by Religion, Darwin, and Science theorizing that all were achieved, by aliens from another planet or galaxy, came to earth and assisted humans that existed at that time.  Those humans determined or they were made to  worship those aliens as Gods due to their superior intelligence and powers.  Those Gods then interbred with humans, their offspring, or semi-gods, set as kings to govern over various parts of the earth.  The Pharaohs of Egypt, Emperors of Asia and Middle East were supposedly of the lineage of these semi-gods.  Their theory is that the superior being known and taught to us as God and his angels are in actuality aliens of a superior race that came to our planet to utilize humans as slaves to mine for whatever minerals or substance they came for.

The writings, artwork, and the oral interpretations by the people and cultures were in the only words and drawings they were able to relate to at that time.  Their descriptions of these gods arriving in chariots giving off bright lights, thunderous sounds, tails of fire, could be their only way of relating what they saw, heard, and believed to be.  Their written records relate to many of the same stories in our Bible and the Bibles of other religions throughout the world, including the Creation. 

The theories of the Ancient Alien Theorists sum up everything we were ever taught concerning our Religions, Darwin’s Theory, and the findings of ancient discoveries by science.  

So where does that leave me?  I’m taught to believe the truth, by faith, in the Bible, but now wonder if through translation and interpretation it was written for the benefit of man in obtaining power to have control over nations and people.  I’m taught Darwin’s Theory in school which contradicts the Bible, leaving me with the inclination that “we” are that missing link.  Through science, their findings coincide with many parts of the Bible about mans existence.  And by Ancient Alien Theorists I’m given a theory that all the above three exist due to superior beings from another planet or galaxy and are what each of the above are actually describing of a superior being known as God and the Bible is the Truth? 

What’s your opinion?  Are we created in God’s own likeness in his image?  Are we evolved from a creature that previously walked on all fours?  Are we creatures evolved from a single cell organism as science describes?  Or are we the lineage of aliens interbreeding or changing the DNA  of ancient cave people who recorded the aliens arrival by the only terminology they knew at the time? 

Seniam Nevets

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One thought on “Is The Truth Out There?

  1. Perhaps it is a phase of the aging process… All men, and women, at one time or another in their lives have to wonder–Where did I come from? Yes, our parents instill in us our family lineage. Or we hear stories about our relatives, how our families came to be in a certain place on this earth. However, it is only as I am aging that I wonder, too, just “where” in the world was my family started. And, those questions usually bring about the questions of all mankind. Where did we come from. The Seniam Report suggests various ways in which we began on this planet. I would love to believe that God created us in His own image. Maybe that is the fault in my faith. Maybe I should have more faith. Were we not taught to believe as a child? But, I turn to Darwin and realize that we do “look” the image of the ape. We could have evolved from them. Although, none of us wants to believe that we ever looked like apes. I am not so sure about Science. That theory is way above my brain wave. However, as I find some readings, tv documentary, or scientific essay that has made recent news; I always stop and question if that “too” could be true. As the Ancient alien theory, I truly believe that there have been some signs as to our evolvement from a truth left yet to be revealed.
    I guess I enjoy entertaining the idea that perhaps God has a hand in all of these theories. That perhaps He is testing us for a time when the real truth can be revealed to all of us. Will that truth be revealed after we have passed from this earth? What form do we take when we die? Where do we go when we die? And, if we pass on to Heaven, will the truth be told there? Will we know everything in that other world? As with the Seniam Report… I, too, have so many more questions that answers. We are told that we will know everything in the “sweet by and by”. I suppose that means we must have faith that we will know everything if we follow that road map (The Bible) to Heaven. It is so hard to interpret the many reasons, ways, and theories of mankind. I choose to believe that all of these are a part of our life and that God will reveal the truth when it is time for His children to know that truth. Until then, I will continue to question; and, I think that is the reason for so many theories–to wait impatiently; questioning as God wants us to search and “yearn” for that knowledge. And, then, when it is my time, God will call me home and I will be told everything that I searched so hard to find. Hopefully, I have a long journey and adventures ahead of me in that search. If not, it is God’s will. So, Godspeed, to all who search for the truth. Didn’t you know? Being curious is human. And, I believe that God is watching over all of this with curiosity. And, He is watching over all of our curiosities. A new thought just occurred to me… Maybe the reason we are still searching for the truth is that God “isn’t” ready to tell us what that truth is.


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