Kaepernik Support? Or Not?

Do I support Kaepernick’s protest?  I can support his protest, but not the manner in which he chooses to do so.  I find his manner disrespectful and offensive not only toward our country but also to those who are serving and served in our Nations Military, those that fought and are fighting, and those that gave their lives and died to protect the freedoms for this country’s citizens.  Our National Anthem and the lyrics are in representation to our National Flag, to our Nation, and to the freedoms so courageously  fought for, lives that were lost for, and blood that was shed to achieve these freedoms for every citizen of this nation irregardless of race, color, or religion.

Do I feel there is too much brutality and abuse of position by our police forces?  Definitely!  But let’s try putting on a police uniform for 30 days and learn what our police forces are faced with on our city streets while patrolling to serve and to protect.  Trust, that I’m not siding or making excuses for the senseless shootings and killings by the police.  I’ve try looking on both sides of the fence. 

How many of “you”  would be willing  to gamble your life to serve and protect the people of your city on a daily basis, never knowing if your going to see your husband/wife or your children at the end of each and every day as you walk out of your front door to go patrol the streets?  How many of “you” would be able to contain your anger toward a young kid on the street verbally abusing you, telling you to mind your own f**king business, flagrantly ignoring your verbal commands to stop what they are doing, showing no respect for your authority?  What if you knew, from previous experience, that when you arrest someone for breaking the law, the laws of justice protect the criminals before the victims of the crime?  What if you knew, from previous experience, that that same person you arrested would be back on the streets within hours and would be arrested again for the same crime?  How would you feel knowing that at any moment, at any given time, even pulling over a vehicle due to a burnt out tail light, that you have no idea what to expect when you walk up to that drivers side window and your life taken away?   Would you be willing to gamble your life to serve and protect the people of your city, take the abuse from young punk street kids, shot or killed while breaking up drug deals, confronting armed street gang members, and laws that are not stringent enough to deal with the criminals out there today? How do some criminals get just a slap on their hand while others spend years locked up?  How is it possible for one athletic teen be arrested for rape and not be punished because it would hinder his education and future, while another teen rapist gets years of prison time?  And what about the victims of those rapists education and future?  They will relive that nightmare every day of their lives.  Their entire lifetime has been destroyed!

Yes, our State and City police forces are out of control and because of their actions they have lost the trust of law abiding citizens in our country.  But, rather then protest or disrespect our National Anthem, Flag and Nation,  point fingers at our police forces, why not use the level of publicity achieved by an athlete, actor, or musician, to change the laws and legal system.  Use it to gain support to create tougher laws to reduce crime, push for more funds to achieve additional man power for better police coverage, and help in decreasing the increasing frustrations of those risking their lives day in and day out? 

Maybe we need Federal laws governing crimes concerning illegal drug sales and use, murder, kidnappings, child abuse, and rape, taking those crimes out of individual state and local judicial hands, which in turn would reduce the possibility of a criminal getting reduce sentencing because of their level of social privilege.  No more plea bargains and no more ability to use privilege to get off.  Capital punishment deserving of the crime committed should be governed by Federal government.  No more that “Lethal injection, or electric chair is inhumane.”  How inhumane was it when the criminal shot, stabbed, raped, or murdered someone?   How inhumane is it to abuse a child, kidnap someone against their will?  Criminals today are not intimidated or concerned about going to prison or the laws.  If they were, they may think twice before committing the crimes knowing they would be facing the death penalty rather than locked away in a prison for a few years.

Yes, I can support Kaepernick’s protest, but I can’t support his method in protesting.  Use your position to protest against the leniency of the laws of this country, not by disrespecting our Anthem, Flag or Country. speak out, gain supporters to appeal on a Federal level to install Federal laws concerning the major crimes happening in our country, demand tougher laws and capital punishment for every offender and criminal no matter what race or color of skin or social position, and demand Federal funds to be granted in order to increase our police  man power.  Use your level of celebrity for positive protesting not negatively. 

This isn’t the type of role model to display to the future generations of our country.  There were those protesting the actions displayed, by a  Canadian artist, wanting him to be deported and his recordings banned for sale on the grounds he wasn’t a role model the citizens wanted in our country.  Why should anyone, no matter what their profession, be permitted to disrespect the National Anthem or Flag of their own country?  The same goes for any other person, or any other athletic team following suit.  I don’t hear any of those supporting, nor Kaepernick, protesting the American dollars they are getting paid nor the life style they are living,  due to those that fought and gave their lives to ascertain the freedoms of this country and proud of their National Anthem and Flag.  And I have yet see a national athletic association placing any punishment or penalties on those displaying that disrespect.  But, damn, don’t let an athlete perform a joyous dance after scoring, or an athlete wear an item or display a motto that’s “non-uniform” in support of an awareness they feel personal about.

What’s your opinion?

Seniam Nevets

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